“It’s what you don’t know about your customer relationships that can cause you to lose them.”

Victory once went to the fastest packaging of features and functionality for ever greater numbers of new customers. Now, the rules have changed. The sales process is never over. Sustainable competitive advantage is not about the technology anymore. Customer acquisition is only the very first step in what must be a long-term, scientifically engineered, and professionally managed strategy.

The traditional corporate organizational structure and process that has evolved over the past half-century no longer fits the needs of today’s market realities. What is required is a new vision, a re-coding of the company for long-term viability and success. The foundation is the interdependent profitability relationship between Customer and Company. The key to optimizing that ongoing connection is your Customer Success team.

As analysts, advisors and advocates of Customer Success, we have been working for over a decade with companies of all sizes and types worldwide to design, build, and assess effective Customer Success resources.

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