Online Community Vendor-Product Selection Consulting

The Customer Success Association‘s TechMap page currently lists 17 vendors offering online community technologies for software companies to use in building out a key part of their corporate ecosystems. All of these products support a fairly standard core feature/function set. Since the days of CompuServe and the myriad of “bulletin board systems” of the early days of personal computing, the technology hasn’t changed very much. It has its advantages and its inherent challenges.

Which online community technology vendor/product will best fill your company’s requirements?

3 Question marks for The Corporate Ecosystem ReviewMikael Blaisdell & Associates will guide you through the process of identifying the overall strategy governing the development of your company/product ecosystem and how the key part of your online community resource will function. We are strictly vendor-neutral; our role is to make sure that you’ve asked and answered all of the vital questions and clearly identified your specific requirements. We’ll then manage the process of communication with the vendors that can best fill those requirements, while your staff can continue their work free of sales calls, etc.

When you’re ready to consider increasing the potential of your corporate ecosystem by building or upgrading an online community resource, please contact us.